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Business Partners for our world


The NADICO Global Network connects business partners who are willing to spread our ideas and our photocatalysis technology all over the world.

Being a member in NADICO Global Network is more than to join just another business partnership. In our network, everybody is driven by the enthusiasm for a new technology, leading to a better and “greener” world. It is the kind of visionary enthusiasm which is common for all innovators and founders.

Our network partners are not alone. They gain support and strength from our know-how as to our technology, our products, our sales experience and our marketing. What they contribute to our partnership is a profound knowledge of the national markets which are relevant for the promotion and the sale of our technology and our products. And, of course, the firm intention to find business partners who are willing to establish a new environmental technology in their country.

Our photocatalysis technology is revolutionary, its impact is comparable with that of solar energy.

It cleans the air, it improves hygienic standards and it refines everyday products of many branches, simply by using the natural power of light and oxygen. It does not need any electricity or other energy, any machines or filter devices. It is nothing but a simple and invisible hitec coating. It is an attractive technology for many branches.

First of all, we are focused on environmental issues (reduction of air pollution) and the medical care/health care industry. However, there is still a wide range of industrial applications, e.g. for the automotive industry or the building industry.